Our Vision

Be a partner for industry verticals on the inevitable journey towards enterprise transformation and future readiness, by harnessing the growing power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and emerging methodologies, with immediacy of impact and swiftness of outcome.

Our Mission

To decode data, and code new intelligence into products and automation, engineer, develop and deploy systems and applications that redefine experiences and realign business growth.

Our Values

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ΣM at work

Enterprise Minds, with core focus on engineering products, automation and intelligence, partners customers on the trajectory towards increasing outcomes, relevance and growth.

Harnessing the power of Data and the forces that define AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, we believe in institutionalising go-to-market models and not just explore possibilities.

We believe in a customer-centric ethic without and people-centric paradigm within. With a strong sense of community, ownership and collaboration our people work in a spirit of co-creation, co-innovation and co-development to engineer next-generation software products with the help of accelerators.

Through Communities we connect and attract talent that shares skills and expertise. Through Innovation Labs and global design studios we deliver creative solutions.

We create vertical isolated pods which has narrow but deep focus. We also create horizontal pods to collaborate and deliver sustainable outcomes.

We follow Agile methodologies to fail fast and deliver scalable and modular solutions. We constantly self-asses and realign to work with each customer in the most impactful manner.

Bharath Mundlapudi (Founder & CEO)
Om Singh
(Founding Member & MD-Engineering)
Abhishek Mulukutla (Founding Member & MD-Operations)
Bipasha Kakoti
(Founding Member & MD-Sales)
Raju Venkat
(Founding Member & MD-Engineering Services)
Tim Fox
(Managing Partner - AI)
Chakravarthi PSK (Managing Partner - Telecom)
Dr. Bala Deshpande (Managing Partner - Data Science)